Saturday, June 13, 2009

HIP shadow sticks revisited

Just a quick update on this shadow stick

So, after ranting about how I hated this thing in a different posting, I decided to give this one more shot and crush this thing. Now, it works. Let me explain

First, I crushed this thing. It's not easy to crush you know. It has this almost filmyness on the outside of it so it's not easy to get it into a fine powder. And even when you crush it, it's not very fine or powdery. I used a bottom of a concealer stick. Then, when you use your eyeshadow brush to use it, swatch it on your hand first. Notice how there's kinda eyeshadow-y granules. You need to crush these with your brush. I mean, really work your brush and the product into your hand. Then, you'll realize that there is actually product to be used!

I'm still not going to buy this again. WTF? You need to take so much time to just... use this thing. Which, sucks btw. It gives a blue based silver.

Toodles <3

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