Monday, June 1, 2009

Swap Update!

I am INCREDIBLY happy with my 2 swaps this time. I have swapped with these super generous people. I have to do a lot of reviews on some of these things.
Swap One: 2 nail polishes (I forgot which) for 1 sinful colors in Forever Pink, 1 WnW polish in Ice Pearl Blue, Almay lipstick in Plum and Milani eyeliner in Blue Blaze

I decided to do the swatches on a piece of paper because well, I hate putting nail polish on my skin. It's gross. I hate how the swatches came out because my camera is sucky and the flash is really strong. So when I do flashes, then everything is washed out. Ugh, anyway, moving forward.

I don't think that I will be using the Almay lipstick anytime soon. It's extremely dark for daytime and for school. Also, it smells kind of wierd, maybe it's expired? The eyeliner, I have to try it out tomrrow. It's really really creamy, but this means that it'll probably smudge everywhere. Ugh.

Swap 2: 2 half used Victoria Secret body spray for 1 NYC lipstick in Wild Orchid, Black Radiance loose eyeshadow in Plum Reflection, and a bunch of earrings.

Well, this picture is really wierd, but I'm really not going to take the time to fix it because I don't know how! So, well, that's annoying. Anyway, the Wild Orchid is a YLBB color for me and I am incredibly impressed with the pigmentation from this drugstore product. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. But oh well, I'm sure there are many alternatives to this. I think that this will last for a very long time for me because the 4 gram jar was filled to the very top. It's also not "loose", but that's because it's so filled that it's compacted.
Toodles <3

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Cris said...

Ew, does anyone swatch nail polish on their skin :-/? I'd never!
Great swaps though :).