Thursday, May 28, 2009

My lashes are Sky High!

My addiction to long and lush mascaras probably started with Covergirl's Professional washable waterproof mascara. It's pretty cheap at 5 dollars and it was pretty decent, or decent enough. Then, I tried Great Lash, Define- a Lash, Voluminous, and Glam'eyes and now I'm on Maybelline Sky High Curves mascara.

Why did I get this? One, it was 50% off. Two, my Voluminous mascara brush was getting horrible. Like the mascara was clumped up on the brush ,and the bristle were all stuck together. I am shocked. I've only had this for one month, and the bristles are so mushed together. I dont know whats up. I'm really upset.


I'm so upset. I really like the fomulation, but this is absolutely unacceptable. I refuse to buy this again.

So, I bought this mascara for 4.01. Usually this is around 7.50 or 8 dollars. I love this so much. I pulled out the mascara wand, and there is not clumpage. Half the bottle doesnt come out and there is no need to clean it off. Only some excess on the tip, but thats nothing. It goes on super light and minimal clumpage

What it claims: 30% more length and 30 degree curl.

What I say: YES, I think that Maybelline really underestimated the length. I'd say more like 50-60% more length (assuming 2 coats). I definately see a curl, but it doesnt seem to say on my right eye, but that's normal for me. It's really wierd, but whatever.

Overall, I definately recommend this to anyone

Toodles <3

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