Friday, May 15, 2009

Pressing Physicians Formula Baked Trios

Hello all! Today, is another day for a tutorial! So, if you read my blog, you will know that I hate the Baked Formula trios because of the stupid rounded top things. I understand the need to be creative, but what is wrong with the plain flat eyeshadow? Domed eyeshadows are bad because they don't pick up on your brush well.

And on a side note. For all those melting eyeshadows in a plastic old eyeshadow thing, only melt a tiny little bit at a time. If you don't the plastic might warp. The estee Lauder palette was made of more sturdy plastic, so it didn't. A Revlon matte shadow or a NYX one could warp and it might be bad.... so yeah. Just a tip.
Anyway, lets get started.

Things needed:
A dual ended pointy thing such as a kebob stick, knitting needle etc. A small jar, eyeshadow tins, 70% or 90% alcohol, cotton balls, paper underneath to protect your workspace from mess, a thing to press your eyeshadow, a fabric piece.

1. Crush up your eyeshadow
Use one end of your knitting needle thing to break up the eyeshadow into your jar/mixing place. The slower you do this, the finer the eyeshadow dust will be. You should do this so that the eyshadow is very fine. This will eliminate the need to crush it. And it will absorb the alcohol better.
2. Add alcohol
Only less than a capful is needed. Don't add so much that it become like a liquid sea, but add enough until it is the consistancy of oatmeal.
3. Spoon everything into a little eyeshadow pan
Don't worry about overspill. Alcohol makes the eyeshadow look more... volumious. I guess. Like it takes up more space. You should fill it up to the top. One maybelline duo eyeshadow tin will be able to hold all of one color. If you still have some stuff left in the cup, gently take a piece of fabric and gently put it over the wet eyeshadow in the tin and soak up some alcohol. Spoon the rest into the tin.

4. Press your shadow
After soaking up the excess alcohol, take something that is around the size of the pan and press! Don't press until your arm falls off. If you do, then you'll probably push all the eyeshadow out. Just press until its firmly in the pan. Choose a fabric with a good pattern if you want it to have some pattern on your shadow. I used a concealer stick to press.

5. Let it dry
It takes around 1 day to dry.
Toodles <3

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