Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kerry's Bronze Quad

Today is a GLORIOUS day because I have finished my APs! Yay! No more Chem and Bio!

Anyway, I also tried out L'Oreal's star secret quad in Kerry's Bronze. I was pretty excited to see this in the drugstore because I wanted to be able to get a color like the one that Melissa Gordon wears in Ghost Whisperer. It is a beautiful bronze color. Well, it looks bronze to me. I was hoping that this would be my HG thing forever.

Doesn't it just look great-ish here? The lightest ones (1 and 2) are pretty light, and the pigmentation isn't too great, but the darker ones (3 and 4) are good pigmentation. I was like WOW, i'm going to love the darkest color (4). In the pan, it reminded me of UDs baked and number 1 reminds me of UD's half-baked. 3 kinda is like MACs coppering?

Why does it look brown on my arm, but the ORANGE on my eye? ORANGE. Its. Not. Bronze. It's Orange. or copper, or whatever. But not bronze. I expected the number 3 to be coppery, but on my eye, 3 and 4 look the same. I just watched FafinetteX3's video on golden copper eyes, and the darker colors looked like Rule or Coppering on my eyes. Could they be dupes? I don't know. I dont' own them.

I'm quite dissapointed. The only ones I liked were 1 and 2. And 2 is supposed to be the highlight color. I admit, the shadows were soft, not too chalky, and you can get something to show up at least, but the colors are just sucking for me. They make me look sick and just... ugh. Clownish?

L'Oreal, you have dissapointed me. I was hoping for more bronze colors, not these strange orangey copper stuff. But if that's your thing, go for it. Will I buy this again? Probably not. I'd rather spend more money and get something else instead.
Any recommends for me? Post if you do! Toodles <3

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