Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Physicians Formula Baked Smokes Review

Today, I will be reviewing the Physicians Baked Smokes. I have been lemming this for the longest time. I thought that it would help me create the perfect smokey eye. Before, I was going to get the L'oreals Smokey eye quad. Then I heard that the quad isn't very pigmented and that the Baked Collection is. Well, sorry, it's not.

Okay, So it's not BAD. When used wet (right side) its pretty decent. Used dry, it's as bad as the maybelline single shadows, and those suck. The problem with me is that when it goes on wet on my eyelid, it doesn't really show up too much. Doing a smokey eye, I find that only the lightest color is best wet. The other two, I might as well use dry. I mean really. Maybe it's because of my brushes. I don't know.

The shape really sucks. Seriously Physicians Formula? I understand that they want to be "creative" and whatever. But this dome shaped eyeshadow is bad. I feel like there is nothing connecting the actual shadow to the plastic pan, my brush doesn't pick up stuff anymore and ugh. I will have to repot them into a better pan. Oh, and when used dry, you really need to layer it on, or else there is nothing there. >.>
On the bright side, there are many colors and they look fun enough. The shadows are also soft and I'm sure they'd be elevated so much more if it were pressed into actual PANS.
Overall, I'm glad that I only got this as a swap. I will not buy this again, unless I find a better way to make this work (aka press, better brush). I will update EVENTUALLY about that.
Toodles <3

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