Sunday, June 28, 2009

FOTD Tutorial: Making Bangles

So approximately one month ago, I was at Macys in New York to look at the flower show. My family and I were looking for some jewelery and I found this really really cute bangle. I look at the price tag and wtf? 60$?! That's incredibly expensive. So, I devised a new way to make one that is similar and for less than 10$.

What you need:

  • 1 wooden like bangle/bracelet. I used a wooden letter O that you can find in craft stores like AC Moore. You can find wooden bangles for crafting online at websites such as
  • Some Yarn or embroidery thread. If you use embroidery thread, don't pull apart all the strands into tiny threads. I used some yarn.
  • Decorations. You can use anything! Mini Roses, beads, whatever. I used some beads found at AC Moore.
  • Hot glue gun. The glue stick things are like 10 cents a piece and you can get a small glue gun for 2.19 at AC Moores


  • Put a bit of glue on the bottom of the bangle, stick the yarn on and start wrapping it around the bangle itself. Then if you want to, use some glue to glue the yarn to the bangle. This dries really really fast so only put glue on a small section, glue the yarn and keep wrapping. This is what it should look like.
  • When you're done wrapping, put glue on the inner part of the bangle and secure the end piece of the yarn there.
  • Now, add your decorations. Use the hot glue gun to do that. Then, you are finished! Pictures below

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