Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bodycology: Coconut and Lime!

Hello Ladies! Wow, this is quite a shocker for me. I usually never post like 3 times in a row. Must because I got a lot of samples in the mail and I wanted to review them

So, first up, Bodycology in Walmart. It's this new brand of body stuff. They sell anti-bacterial soap, lotion (hand and body) and a cooling body mist. I got a sample in Coconut and Lime smell

I love the smell, well not LOVE LOVE like how I love Velvet Tuberose from bath and body works. But enough. It's very lime-y smelling. Good for the summer. It really reminds me of the beach. The cooling spray is so refreshing. I really like it. The scent though, can be overpowering. It gave me a headache

The lotion, I found so thick and creamy. I really like how it feels. I think that this lotion really moisturizes my skin. Usually, I am a no scent in lotion girl. I don't like them too much. I feel like they dry out my skin more as compared to unscented lotion. That was a bad sentence but I'm not going to change it. Anyway, the sample was also so generous.

Soap is soap is soap. Seriously? I'm not a fan of anti-bacterial soaps. Those things breed super-bugs to which we don't have a cure for. My advice, just use regular soap to wash off bacteria. No need to pummel them to death.

I think that this line is really worth looking into. They have a million scents out right now.

Toodles <3

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