Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally... school's over!

Well, Well, Well, what do we have here? A new blog! I FINALLY got around to finding a new template with the 3 column format. Thanks so much giselejaquenod! The layouts are great. Go and check her out at

Anyway, school is over! Well, actually it doesnt officially end until tomrrow, but because I can't update then, I'm updating now. So what does it mean for my blogging-ness? It means that I have time to update more frequently. It also means that I won't be blogging only about makeup and such. I'm forcing myself on a very strict diet meaning only swapping will bascially get me makeup. Let's see how long this lasts.

Since I have more time over the summer, I'm hoping to really pour more time into hanging out with friends (after all, this may be one of the last summers where I'm free you know?) and into gardening. Yeah yeah, I have to do this college course in psychology at BCC (community college) and I have to study Calculus BC/Physics, but whatever.

What are you ladies doing over the summer? Let me know!

Toodles <3


Cris said...

Yay about school being over :D!
Hope you manage some nice swaps ;). Thanks so much for your comment about my skin :), it's always been pale but now that I live in Greece I have to be careful in order to keep it that way...Annoying >:-/...But oh well, some things must be done ;D ^_^.

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks! I'm so jealous of your humongous swaps! They're so great! And we are girls. We do what we need to do to protect our skins. XD

Cris said...

I just like swaps better than shopping, 'cause I hate dealing with the overpriced products & clueless and/or bitchy salespeople here >:-) ;). Swaps are where most of my money goes - hope that explains why I get so many things from them, they're my main source of product ;D.