Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FOTD Tutorial: Aqua Eyes

I'm currently on a tightened budget. I am only allowing myself to spend money on swapping, which is actually more economical if you think about it. I won't (or will try not to) buy any more makeup or stuff and save my money for a new digital camera (mine sucks atm because it just doesn't photograph details too well), curling/flat irons, brushes.

So, you can see that my camera isn't too good with details. You can't see the inner corner color, and no, my skin isnt that pale. I had to play with the lighting a bit because if I do flash, it washes everything out. You can kind of get an idea of what this look looks like, but ugh.

I like this look for the beach, party, whatever. I don't think that it's school appropriate, but it's fine for the mall. I also used low cost products so if you are just starting in makeup, this is for you! Actually, it's for everyone so just scratch out that last line.

1. Use a base. I used Lumene eyeprimer base. I depotted it into a BE foundation container thing that I swapped for. It is currently discontinued in the USA, but I think that you can get this in other European countries.

2. Apply Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue all over the lid. Gently, because this is a very pigmented color. I'm using this as a light base for the next couple colors. The brush that I'm using is Essence of Beauty eyeshadow brush. It's nice and large and fluffyish. Good quality.

3. Use the Spirited HIP duo. It is a metallic(?) duo. It has a nice light blue and a dark blue with shimmer. Take the light blue and put it in the inner 1/3 of the eye, the part nearer to the nose. Then bring it above the Venetian blue just a little bit, stopping in the middle of the eye. Then, using the other side of the brush, use the dark side and brush it in the outer 1/3 of the eye. Bring that up lightly into the crease. If you don't have a crease, like me, then make a v shaped thing. I am using the EoB concealer brush, large one.

4. Then, take a pencil like brush (I'm using a crease brush, again by EoB) and use a gold eyeshadow and put it in your inner corner. Blend it into the Spirited eyeshadow in the upper lid and bring it into the lower eyelid. I'm using Gilded, another HIP metallic duo.

5. Now, take the same brush as before, dip it into the Venetian blue and brush it into the lower eyelid. Really try to pack it on, because you want this to be bright and vibrant. Then take the dark side of the Spirited eyeshadow duo and put it on the outer corner, connecting it with the same colored shadow you applied earlier on the top lid.

6. Use a blue liquid liner on the top and bottom lid. I used Mark by AVON chrome liner in chrome blue. Be careful with this because it takes some time to dry.

7. Highlight with the second color in the Kerry's Bronzes palette by L'Oreal. I'm using the EoB eyeshadow brush.
8. Use an eyeliner brush and take a black eyeliner to line your waterline. I'm using the L'Oreal HIP cream color truth eyeliner. This is great but expensive for a drugstore product. You can use Jane's gel liners instead.
9. Curl/use mascara blahblahblah.

And voila! You're done! That was easy. The cost of everything:

Brushes by EoB: 9.99$ for a mini set with everything that i've used.

Chrome Liquid eyeliner: 5.50$

HIP cream eyeliner: 12-14$

HIP duos: 7-8$

Revlon matte blue: 5$

Mascara: 7-9$


Total: 68$ This seems like a lot, but with this money, you can only get 3 MAC pigments, 4 Sephora brand brushes, 2-3 foundations at Clinique, or maybe just 2 eyeshadows from Dior. It's not too much to spend on a lot of products. Also, I got some of these for BOGOF, and swapping. So this decreases the price significantly especially if you pay a smaller amount for shipping!


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