Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heat Defense for the Hair!

Yesterday, I straightened my hair, as usual, but I also used the Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray. It comes in a sleek black bottle with a red spray nozzle thing. It also has a black clip that needs to be taken off. It's to prevent people from spraying the thing everywhere. I keep mine so that way if I have to travel, then it wont spray and soak my clothing.

What it claims:
Protects hair while styling with a flat iron or curling iron
Conditions for soft, shiny hair
What I say: At a first glance, it seems pretty nice. I checked the inside. It looks like shampoo-ey water. It also smells like a hair salon. I would have liked the mist to be finer. Like, my hair feels wet after applying, so my flat iron sizzled when ironing.
No. I don't see anything. It's not harming my hair, but I'm not sure if it does very much as well. It doesn't create a shine, it doesn't make my hair softer, it doesn't do diddly-squat. Is it becuase I have to use it for a long time? Am I using this thing wrong? I don't know. I'll keep this and use it up, because I'm sure it won't do any harm if I do. Maybe it's just for the customer's peace of mind...
Overall, I'd give this a 3. It's not good, it's not bad. I really would like to try V05 Heat defense, Dove Heat therapy, Got2Be protectant spray, Nexxus Protexx spray, etcetc. I won't be buying again.

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