Friday, August 26, 2011

New Shoes: Maria Sharapova for Cole Haan

Right now, I'm sitting in my new apartment (still on campus housing), listening to Maroon 5 and waiting patiently for my bf to get home. Today my family finally got to Pittsburgh so I can move in. They basically unloaded all my stuff in my room and said "miss you bye" lol. I love them. They like for me to be independent so they want me to deal with my stuff myself. 

Besides that, I got my new shoes today! This was my birthday present to me. My birthday isn't for another month, but you know, early birthdays count too <3 These are black heels. They're called the Air Renfrow heels or something. Originally 220 dollars or so. I got them on Amazon for like 80$. FAANN-effing-TASTIC. Enough said. Let's look at pictures. 

I bought them in a size 8.5. It's a half size larger than normal, but it's good. I think that a half size down would have been too tight for me. I needed a pair of heel grips and I think that I want to get those foot petalz at Rite Aid as well. I used heel grips and insoles and I thought my feet were going to die. I felt like my feet just needed a tighter grip so, the half insole things it is! 

I freaking love these shoes. The box is gorgeous. I love the dust bag for each shoe and the heel is wonderful. My only complaint is that the heel has a little ding on it, but hey, it's not a big deal. The heel is a gold colored metal. 



Lillian Funny Face said...

Awesome, I love the golden heels!

G.lam said...

cute heels ~


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nice shoes!!! new follower!

Y said...

@everyone- AWWW thanks :)

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