Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tutorial: Skinny or thinnish Jeans

You know what's really annoying? When you recieve a pair of jeans and they don't fit as well as you'd like. Maybe there's a pooch in the thigh area, the jeans are bell bottomey instead of skinny, or they're just 1 cm too big all around. Annoying right? Well, I'm going to teach you how to thin down your jeans to make them skinny jeans.


1. Start off with a pair of jeans, and flip them inside out. You know when you try to lay them flat, there's always a bit of extra fabric on the butt side to well, accomodate your butt right? So, pull all of that extra fabric towards the outer seam (not the inner seam where your crotch is). I'm using a pair of corduroy pants and they are bell bottoms.

2. Now, take a pair of your own store bought skinny or straight legged jeans and lay them over the pants. Those will be your beginning template. take a piece of chalk and draw line marking where you want to sew. It's better to make it not skinny enough than to make it too skinny. I swear, it take forever to pick out so many stiches. Trust me of this.

3. Sew! Use a sewing machine before your hand falls of from exhaustion. Then, try the jeans on. If they're too big, make the jeans a tiny bit smaller by sewing another line on the left side the original stiching. Aka, sew a line nearest your crotch pants area. If you someone have it perfect, sew another seam on the OUTSIDE, aka to the right of the original seam. It just gives you extra reinforcement.

4. Now, cut off the excess fabric, hem it up if needed (max half cm deviation) and voila! You have a new pair of skinny jeans. I'm sort of bending over becuase the light is shining in my eyes.

Tips to get you by:

- This isn't meant to be skin tight. It just helps to keep any excess fabric in place. I suggest going to a tailor if you want something skin tight.

- If you have particularly thick denim, you'll need a thicker needle and specially made for denim thread because regular cotton stuff isn't going to hold too well for denim.

- If you have to sew away too much, just consider getting a new pair of jeans because it's kind of difficult to go from a size 6 to a size 1. You'll be sewing over pockets which is a horrible hassel.



~tHiAmErE~ said...

how awesome!

i really love your do-it-yourself posts!
i learn a lot..though i think it will take years before i'll actually o it but at least i know the basics & it is handy especially during emergencies,right?

hope you'll have a nice week,hun!

Y said...

Awww thanks so much Thiamere! It's super great especially if maybe your reletives get you something, and well, it doesn't fit well. Can't be rude now can we?

Have a great week too!

G.lam said...

That's quite useful I have to say lol .. Since jeans usually get stretched out after you wear them for a while .. even when they fit you perfectly at first they tend to become bigger ~ awesome! ;)

Y said...

Yeah! I hate it when jeans strech out to like, 1 size too big becuase then you have to wash it and washing it too much shortens the life spans UGH> LOL