Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: ALMAY intense i-colorTM mascara with light interplay technologyTM

Geez, what a long ass name. Seriously. I know that it's part of the I-color or intensify your eyecolor collection, but do they REALLY need some sort of "name" that resembles the Almay VOLUMIZING I-color mascara? Every time I look this mascara up, I get the old I-color volumizing mascara. Maybe it's because it's so new. Maybe it's because Almay is touted as a high-end drugstore item so it's not really too popular. Or, maybe, Almay needs to change the name to something like "Almay I-color... lengthening" or "Almay I-color SUPREME" I don't know! Anything other than "mascara with technology'. That can go in the description. THIS IS BAD MARKETING 101. my gawd.
Okay, they don't claim that the mascara is lengthening. They only say "double the number of lashes" and "intensify your eye color". But, I happen to think that it's a lengthening/volumizing. I bought Black Flash and Black Emerald. I cracked the Black Emerald first. First off, I hate gimmiky stuff like "DRUGSTORE COLORED MASCARA" because they seem to be geared towards people with light colored lashes. And this mascara, IS NO DIFFERENT. Here's some pictures. You can see that the black isn't black, but it has a green tint to it. The brush, is huge. But I can manuver it. I compared it to a Estee Lauder Projectionist brush.

Now, let's talk formulation. I love it. It dries quickly so it holds a curl OKAY. not supurb, but it's alright. It gives great length and great volume with 2 coats. I like this as much as I like the Estee Lauder mascara. Perhaps this is HG level? Perhaps so. I won't be buying any other mascara since this retails for 7.99. It's not too expensive, especially if it's BOGOF and I got 2 free eyeliners with it. I'm not really sure what to do with them because I HATE pencil liners and D/s liners don't hold well with me. Judge for yourself on the pictures.





Sandra said...

You're right, that is a really long name!
But your lashes look great!
Hmm, might have to try this mascara. :)

xoxo, sandra

Y said...

thanks! I LOVE the look of my lashes with this mascara. This is a definate try out

Carine said...

thanks for the review! I had a bad experience with an almay product so now i don't buy any of their products !

Y said...

Aww! that sucks. I know what you mean though. I had a horrid experience with Maybelline and now I swore myself off it!

Porcelaine said...

oh well, it didn't seem to work well. but asian eyes have such a hassle anyway

Y said...

I agree. Asian eyes can be annoying. It worked well enough for me at least!