Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Hauling

My family usually doesn't do anything on New Year's Eve mornings and afternoons. We only do something at night, aka go to someone's house and eat, so my mom let me go to the mall. Actually, this is possibly one of my favorite times to shop at the mall becuase

1. There are still leftover sales from the after xmas stuff. I mean it means that you bascially have to pick through the leftovers, but there is still a large selection so it's not that bad.

2. The people level is down. Seriously. Most people are probably at home cooking, resting, doing whatever so the amount of people in the mall isn't too bad. On Black Friday, and Saturday before xmas, the lines are 20 people long, stores meant for 10 people have 30 people in them. The amount of body heat being produced is so nasty. Ugh. It would be better if it were the summer becuase then you could wear shorts and t-shirts and not worry about lugging around huge and nasty jackets. And, there's A/C to offset the body heat.

Here are my purchases:

LtoR: Sephora Professional Lip Brush (#61), MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30, Victoria's Secret double Lip balm in Citrus Squared

Comments: I hate how the lip brush doesn't come with a cap! Usually don't people carry it with them? But it's okay. I found another reusable packaging (from Essence of Beauty) to house it in. But it's 10 dollars (which compares to MAC 19.50). So it's more of a mid-priced thing. I really liek the MAC concealer except for the minor fact that it's for my forehead only. Apparently, my forehead is NC30 while the bottom of my face is NC25. Nice right? I know that my forehead is darker but I didn't know that it was THAT much darker. =0= Really? Well, I'm on a no sun diet so maybe I'll get it to even out eventually. The Lip balm turned out to be .54 cents becuase it was 40% off and I had a remnents of a gift card for 4 dollars. Yay!

Boots from Square One Comments: I love these boots! I orginally wanted a pair of flats (clearance for 5 dollars!) but they didn't have my size. Then I tried on some long boots but they were kinda gross on my feet. I didn't like how the toe was like a square. I wish that I could find some affordable boots that had a round toe. But, there are pointy toes but I like them. They were inexpensive. The only thing that I have issues with in the store, is the sizing. Somehow, I'm between 7.5 and 7. While at other stores, I'm an 8. Their 8's are humungous. And also, during the NYE sale, most of the sizes were gone, but it's okay! I still got something great. I love that store, I need to go back again. I bought grey boots from there (they're posted in some other haul thing in september. I'm way too lazy to find it XP).

Expect more great things in the future!


Bri said...

I recently bought two of those same lipglosses from victoria's secret for super cheap! (I also had a gift card) and those boots are adorable. I've been searching for a cute pair of boots with no heel. Love it. :)

Y said...

Thanks! Initially, I wasnt sure if I'd like the boots, but when I tried them on, it was instant love!