Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Earth Swatches

Hey everyone! Happy Mondays? not really. Today, a new swap came in! I swapped with the owner of the online store- back 2 the earth. It is a vegan company and yes, they do ship internationally. I haven't tried them out yet so I'm not going to comment, but I do have some swatches up! I will be doing a review later this week (see Friday or the weekend?) after I try them out. I will also be depotting the samples out into small pillboxes.

Samples: 14 of them! The baggies are placed in the order in which they appear on the hand.

Just at first glance, some pigments seem to be dupes of each other or that they are very similar. For example, the Purple Dragon and Midnight Rider and True black all seem to be black. Except the MR and the PD have other undertones. Do you see some other HE brand dupes here? I think that Electric purple COULD be a dupe of MAC young punk (based off of other people's swatches) and perhaps Sphinx is a dupe of UD smog? Maybe? maybe? maybe? Do tell me.
I think that they are will unique enough to add decently to my collection. There are 30 some colors on the website. Also, it sells for 3 dollars for 5 grams and 5 dollars for 10 grams. AND there are so many different assortments (ie 6 5 gram jars for x amount). AND if you don't know what you want, you can get sampler sets. AND you can buy other things such as jewelry, soaps, aromatherapy stuff, etcetcetc


Askmewhats said...

which reminds me, I haven't been touching my minerals lately :)

Y said...

LOL don't you just hate it when you "discover" something new in your collection? I do that all the time... I just forget about things. LOL