Monday, October 5, 2009

Flower Power! ~~ Flowery Headbands ~~

Hello everyone! It seems that yesterday, I found some time to make a new tutorial on these headbands:

Let's begin the tutorial! First of all, I won't be workin on the same headband at once, so heads up.
1. Take apart the flower that you want to use. It should be "flattish" so no tulips or those large fake lilies. Just pop off the green bottom and then separate the petals, leaves etcetc. you want to just keep the petals, and maybe the inside thing that represents the pistil/stamens. Everything else should either be thrown away or cut so that it lays super flat.
Flower Before:

Where to pop the flower apart:

Flower After:

2. Start gluing the flower on your headband. Just position it where you want and start by using a hot glue gun and gluing on the first petal, or the bottom leaves. Then, glue the next set of petals, next one etcetc. Until you get to the top. Make sure that you really glue the flower on very tight and flat.

3. Now, glue leaves onto your headband part. As you get towards the end of the headband to the ear portion, you might want to trim the leaves a bit to make it more comfortable for wear. You can overlap the leaves if you want.

And you are done! I plan on doing more things with fake flowers, becuase I just got a bunch from my sis. Make sure to comment below and give some more ideas! I love them!


Askmewhats said...

very pretty! i friend of mind made me one too and I love it

Y said...

Thanks so much!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

this is so cute!
you're very creative

often times there are hair accessories that we wanted but is not available..& what better way to have it?
personalize it!

Y said...

Thanks so much! and I agree! If possible, do it yourself! Often times, it costs much less.

Lizzard said...

awesome blossoms! heehee

you got an award! check it out here:

Y said...

OMG thanks so much!

Y said...

OMG thanks so much!