Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love to draw for my college supplements

Recently, I was taking a look-see at the Tufts supplement so I can start preparing to apply, regular decision. Most of the mini essays (50 or 200 words) were standard like, why do you want to come here, describe yourself, how does your family influence you blahblahblahblah. Then, I saw the optional essay, and there were like 8 choices. One of them was to create something out of a piece of paper, 8 by 11 inches. Or, printer paper.

I was pretty damn excited when I saw it because, I enjoy drawing. I've also decided to just start drawing a couple drawings and then choose one to send in as part of my supplement. So, I'll be periodically posting up some of my drawings. Feel free to comment~ any criticisms will be super helpful!

This is my first drawing that I finished a couple days ago. I was inspired by a scrap of wall paper that I found in my room. Tell me what you think! I would LOVE to know.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

this is amazing!

you're very talented

i tried sketching once but i think its not for me..

yours is awesome!
i really like it...

its just my opinion, but the pencil lines makes them look harsh. i think making them look softer, with a soft gradient effect would make them look more alive & looks like they're protruding...

but then its already awesome as it is

i sure wish im like you

Y said...

Thanks so much Thiamere! This is actually in ink. I agree with the gradient. my scanner also made is harsher than it really is.

CC said...

That is really pretty! :)


Y said...