Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog Problems? Posting pictures? I don't know

Hello ladies! As you might have figured out, or not, I'm a complete idiot with computers. So, you might have noticed that my older posts had been missing pictures. In fact, all the pictures behind the post about the necklace dupe were deleted or something. They just didn't show up. I was really upset because ever since my computer crashed, I like, don't have a lot of pictures... So yeah. Those are gone.

I reloaded pictures, but I need to know, is this going to happen again?

Should I use photobucket instead? I just signed up just in case anyway. I mean, if I need to move my pictures to a different computer, is it going to just make all my pictures just... go away? Because I don't have time to just keep reloading pictures day after day after day.

Tell me, how do you guys upload pics? Directly from your computer? From photobucket? I really need to know. Leave your comments below~



~tHiAmErE~ said...

in my case, i upload it directly from my pc. actually if you look right below your dashboard..on the tools & resource column, you'll see the picasa web album..
its somewhat like photobucket. wherein all the pics that you uploaded on your blog is stored...


Y said...

ooo! thanks so much!!