Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: AirPlus gel Ball of Foot Cushion

A few weeks ago, I wanted to buy some of those half-insoles. I wanted my foot to have a squishy thing to sit on while wearing my Cole Haan shoes. The vamp is pretty steep so it's not like I can wear it all the time or for a very long time. 

I went to Rite Aid and I bought these "AirPlus gel things". I thought they were a pretty good deal at around 4.50 for 2 pairs. That's cheap! This is what they have to say about the product:

"Airplus Gell ball of Foot Cushions are made with proprietary invisigel that provides superior shock absorption, long-lasting comfort and relief of foot pain and discomfort" (Obtained from back of package)

Comfort: None. It feels squishy in your hand but when you put it in a shoe, it's like putting a piece of cement there. It's not comfortable at all. It makes my feet hurt more actually. It doesn't help that it doesn't "stick" to the shoe at all. I put them in my open toed sandals and by 2 hours, they've slipped and like.. rolled into a mess under my foot. They literally were moving because my feet were moving. Also, they got really really sweaty really quickly. Gross. 

I used it on my Cole Haan shoes and they're alright. They're better to make your feet actually fit in the shoe better. I mean that's the only purpose they're good for. I actually no longer use them in my Cole Haans because they make the toe box too tight for me. Sigh. They seem to work for closed toed shoes and not open toed shoes. 

Guarantee: AirPlus has a guarantee that "guarantee that you will be happy with this Airplus product! If unsatisfied for any reason, please return for a complete refund of replacement. 100% Money-Back Guarantee". Well, I also lost my Rite Aid receipt so no way I'm returning it there. I contacted customer services and they told me "Sorry I can't accept returns without a receipt". 


What? So there really isn't a 100% money-back guarantee then? Oh cool thanks. 

Also there's a website on the back of the packaging: It doesn't work. I had to google airplus to get a website. LAME. 

Recommended: NO. Just buy rite aid brand instead. 


Airplus said...

Y - we are sorry you had a bad experience with your Airplus products. We would love to make it up to you! If you would like to email us your mailing address, we would be more than happy to send you some replacements, along with some other goodies for you to try! We really appreciate our supporters and getting feedback like this is one of the best ways for us to keep our products in check. Thanks for your help, Y! :)

Y said...

Thanks so much. I will be sending an email to you shortly. Thanks!

Y said...

I wasn't sure where to send the email so I sent one to customer service. You can also contact me by clicking on the "about me" page