Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY: Rhinestone (or strassing) a shirt

Let's DIY a rhinestone shirt! Usually when I think of rhinestones, I think of small toddlers and preteen, disney channel, hannah montana crap in K-Mart clearance bins. However they can be super chic too. 

Finished Product:

You need:

  • Rhinestones- Got mine off ebay. I got 2000, but i used like 1000. 
  • Tshirt- Old from Hanes
  • A design printed on a sheet of paper
  • Jewel-It by Aleene's
Step 1: Cut out your design.

Step 2: Draw your design on your tshirt. Also, you might want to take the time to mark out what colors you want to use, where you want to rhinestone in blahblahblah. 
Step 3: Glue on Rhinestones with Jewel-It
Halfway done! 

I have to do an OOTD with this shirt sometime :)


SilhouetteScreams said...

Whoa, that looks awesome! If I weren't totally lazy I would do something like this with a sugar skull design :)

Y said...

I love sugar skullz!

The Teenagers said...

just found your blog, glad i did! keep up the great work! great post!

followed your lovely blog, and would appreciate if you could do the same to us!


Kim said...

Wow creative post!

I found your blog on Opal's blog hop and am now following! please check out my blog & follow me too!


Mary said...

wow that's awesome! I'll have to try that out. I think it turned out great!


Marion said...

I had a great time reading and memorizing the steps. I'll try this on weekend. I'm so excited to make one, I will pair the shirt to my old designer jeans.