Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tanning? Bronze or Orange?

Personally, I'm not really into tanning. It probably comes from spending my summers in Taiwan and watching countless commercials of creams that supposedly make your face whiter. Or maybe it's my fear of getting premature wrinkles, leathery skin, age spots(these suckers run in my family. >.<) or possibility of skin cancer.
Yes, I'm kinda paranoid.. ish.
I'm legit really into sunscreen, but it smells wierd (the wierd sunscreeny smell) but I cover it up with perfume so it's okay!
Honestly, tans look good, except when people become ORANGE. I swear. There are people in my school who come in friggin orange because they used the wrong tanner or they use too much. I don't know. It's not pretty. It's also not pretty when someone goes overboard and comes out brown.
Tanning Mishaps--> http://www.stylelist.com/spring-fashion/dare-to-bare/self-tanning-disasters?icid=maincompaq-desktopdl3link5http%3A%2F%2Fwww.stylelist.com%2Fspring-fashion%2Fdare-to-bare%2Fself-tanning-disasters
I feel bad.
There are some good tanners out there. Such as Jergens lotion, Neutrogena Sunless Tan spray, etcetc. These can be found in all drugstores. Mind you, I won't be using them.
Care for your skin! <3

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