Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

AH! I haven't posted in what seems like forever! Sorry ladies. I've been in such a funk of "I HATE MATH OMFG" to "UGH MY THROAT I WANT TO SLEEP FOREVER" state. But I'm back and I will be (trying) to post more regularly. Although right now I'm at once a week which seems pretty reasonable!

Today's review will be for the St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub. Picture from google. 

As taken from their site: Clears breakouts and reduces redness Salicylic Acid Acne Medication With 100% Natural Green Tea

Product Description

This dermatologist-tested scrub can actually help to clear and soothe your skin as well as reduce redness. An active blemish-fighting ingredient fights the flare-ups, while 100% natural exfoliants encourage healthier, clearer skin.

What I say: I like this product, but let's get into the nitty-gritty details.

Product Packaging: It's a stubby, squat tube of green cleaner.

Product Feel/Smell: It looks like it's going to be smooth, but no. It's actually really gritty. It's like beach sand really. Well actually it's more like... no. It's like super super super fine sand in a green gel-like solution. And I don't know what it is, but it smells BAD. Like when you first sniff it, it's okay, but when you put it on your face, it's like "...*sniffsniff*... something smells like chemical and fake green tea". I think that it's the salicylic acid. It has 1%. Biore pore cleansing scrub also had salicylic acid and it smelled kind of gross. You get used to it after a while. But saying that is like how when you get used to the garbage smell in Chinatown after staying there for an hour or so. 

Effectiveness and such: It's pretty good! It doesn't really clear out acne as fast as it says it does, but it does clear them. I believe for me, it takes maybe 4 days for the acne to shrink and become flaky skin. It doesn't do much for redness really. I still need some concealer for that. And about the flaky skin (I know some girls right now are so leery of that) it's so drying. I mean like. REALLY drying. Get yourself a moisturizer. A thick one while you're at it. If you do have a good moisturizer, then kudos because your skin will feel so good after it. It's pretty decent at exfoliating. That is, if you have a moisturizer to glue your skin back together. Then your face will feel like a baby's butt cheek.

Price: Your wallet will thank you because it clocks in at a mere 6-7 dollars at major drug stores. Faaantastic.

Recommended: For those who have oily skin, or if it's the summer and you sweat buckets (like me), or if you have some thick moisturizer that might as well be cake frosting. So in short, yes.

Yay! Have a good weekend ladies!


~Lisa said...

I use this too. I agree, it does feel like sand and it is a bit drying for me

Cris said...

(The 'super fine sand in a green solution' quote was funny to me, no idea why XD.)

Thanks for the review :D.

Y said...

@Lisa- Yeah! I get dry patches ><

@Cris- LOL im glad I could make you laugh :)

Christina said...

I'm a big supporter and fan of the St. Ives line. There scrubs are great and they have some really gentle cleansers. Great post