Saturday, May 28, 2011

DIY Tutorial: Petticoat or Tutu-like skirt

Hey guys! So I'm back with a tutorial. This is to make a petticoat skirt. Errr, I forgot to take a picture of the final product... so sorry... >< I have a half finished product which basically looks like the final product. I just don't have it on a person. Sorryy >< I'm also not going to say that this is "upcycling" old skirts because that's just dumb and I don't like saying it.

Items Needed:
  •  A few skirts of different sizes. You'll need a skirt that actually fits you, and in sizes much larger than your size. It also helps that the skirt that fits you be ruffled as well. 
  • Sewing things. 
  • Embellishments if you want
  • First off, for the skirts that are too large for you, take off the waistbands. You just need the "skirt" part. Also, cut apart a seam so it's basically a rectangle
    • Take the skirt that is the smallest (of the large skirts) and gather the top. You can do this by hand (ugh) or by sewing machine (also ugh). If you use the sewing machine, you want to basically set the lower bobbin tension to really loose, then pull of the bottom thread after. It'll gather. Or you could google this. You know, either is cool. 
      • Then, you want to pin the gathered part to right underneath the waistband of the skirt that fits you. Picture below: 

      • Okay, so now we want to attach another layer. Take it and ruffle it as well. We will attach this one inch below the waistband so you might not have to ruffle it that much.We're doing this because that way, it isn't THAT much bulk up in the waist area. It's distributed a little. Picture below:
        • Cool. So now, we want to sew up the part that's open. Basically, sew it up so it's in a skirt form again. Picture of what I'm talking about below:

        • Okay, this is the final product basically. Errr with one layer. Picture is above.
        Some useful tips:
        1.  When choosing your skirts, you want to try to choose skirts that are about the same kind of material. You don't want to attach a chiffon to a wool skirt right? If you are going to do heavy and light materials, always attach the light to the heavy. You don't want the heavy skirt to rip the lighter one right?

        I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!


          Angie said...

          im so trying this with some of my old clothes XD

          Lillian Funny Face said...

          Very nice tutorial :)

          Y said...

          @Angie- Yayyy! I hope that I get to see it when you finish!

          @Lillian- Thanks <3

          The Beautifier said...

          That was a useful tut, hun! seems like you are good at dress making xoxo

          Opal Stevens said...

          oh gosh, I wish I was better at sewing - I would totally do this. Thanks for the tutorial :)! Now following

          Red said...

          I'm going to have to do this once I get a new sewing machine. =) The one I have now is just for crafty stuff, it's not really ideal for clothing. (It CAN be done, but it's a PITA to do it, not many settings on the machine etc.)

          Y said...

          @ The Beautifier- Aww thanks! I usually survive off trial and error :)

          @ Opal- Thanks for following! I love your blog as well

          @Red- I know what you mean! I actually have a pretty small and standard sewing machine myself. It has like.. 10 settings lol.