Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Adore Me Lingerie

So recently I got a lingerie set from Adore Me to try out. Adore me is supposed to be the very first customizable lingerie store. It's basically like ShoeDazzle, but for lingerie. I did the whole shebang: signing up, getting lingerie picked for me, getting a free set. I'll be reviewing everything: from signing up to trying it on. 

Signing up: So signing up is pretty easy. You just need to input your email to actually sign up. Then you have to take this like 5 page quiz. Each page has 3 questions, so it's not that bad. The one thing I didn't like about the quiz was how it asked "which person do you identify your style with". It was like 3 random people who I didn't even know. Okay, I knew Dita Von Teese, but the other people I was like "...... uh.... her.. I think..?" That could definitely could be improved. 

Getting a Showroom: It takes 24 hours to get a showroom. I guess it takes time to build it? Anyway, I was slightly disappointed with what they came up with. I even took the quiz again to get a different one. In the quiz, they asked what kind of underwear I liked. I said the ones with the triangle butts. I like my butt to be covered. However, I got a whole ton of sets with thong underwear. Only 3 out of 10 had the triangle butt underwear. Terrible. Also we had to input our bra size and underwear size. I actually got sets that didn't contain my bra size. Maybe they were out of stock? Idk. Maybe they just don't have a large collection and thats why I keep getting thong undewear? IDK. But this really needs to be fixed. 

Packaging: I got my package and it was this plastic bag thing. Inside was one of those boxes you get for packing cakes. It's pretty thin and it got pretty crushed and I was sad. I think that the packaging could go either plastic bag or firm box, not both. I guess it saves money doing with the thinner box..? But that's my opinion. I mean, if i actually paid 40 dollars, I better get a box that's sturdy. I mean when you look at Glossybox or those other 10$ a month for a bunch of beauty stuff boxes, they're boxes are sturdy and not crushable. However, the pink tissue paper is cute. 

The bra is really cute. It's soft and whatnot. However, the underwear give me a huge wedgie whenever I walk around. Maybe I got the wrong size? I got a small, which is my default size. They don't tell you how large the "small" or "larges" are. I don't care if it's free returns because returns are a bitch and I don't like to deal with them. 

Shipping/Price: Shipping was pretty fast. However, the price isn't cute. It's basically 40 dollars. That's really expensive considering how I didn't like my sets in the showroom, the underwear is giving me a massive wedgie, and the cheap-ish packaging. Frankly, 40 dollars is 40 dollars to me. I get underwear at target for .75 clearance and bras at 3 dollars at Sears clearance. I feel like the quality should have made up for the expensive price, but for me, it didn't. The bra feels like my sears clearance bra and well, you know how I feel about the underwear. 

Recommended: Eh.. I had high hopes for this company. It's a fairly new company so it could really stand to make some changes. I would like it a lot better if they would separate it into bra/underwear. I don't like their underwear choices, but I do like their bras. It's expensive, which could really turn people off from trying out this brand. So overall, recommended for people who like thongs and who have 40 dollars. 

Edit (12/6/11 at 12:10 pm)- I have talked to a representative of the company. and she says that  the company is working on making changes to make shopping experience better. 


Emily said...

I just tried Adore Me for the first time too! I'm not a huge fan of thong underwear either, but I went with one anyway because I loved the "Sophia" bra. I actually thought the prices were pretty reasonable since a full lingerie set at something like Victoria's secret is more like $60. I was also much more impressed with the styles they matched put in my showroom than styles I've gotten matched with from other subscriptions sites like shoedazzle. Did you ask the people at Adore Me why your showroom had sizes other than your bra size? I emailed them a couple questions and they were really helpful.

Y said...

Hey Emily! I thought that the price was expensive because usually I won't spend that much on lingerie, period. I'm a broke college student so I don't really think that 40 is considered *cheap*.

Olah Momma! said...

I love, love those underwear. Lucky you!

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Red said...

Great review. Personally $40 would be average/cheap for just a bra for me but that's because I was "blessed" (I think of it more as CURSED) in the boobage area and have to shop specialty on-line shops because no local stores have sizes big enough for me. And I have a hunch these folks probably do not cater to those of us who are... um. Well endowed. heh. I'm learning to make my own bras to save money and to be able to have PRETTY bras (even the specialty shops I buy from do not have many pretty options in my size.)

Y said...

@Red- Aww! I have average boobs, so it's easy for me to find bras my size. Personally, I think that 40$ is expensive because I don't have a full time job. I have like.. a minimum wage job lol. I've seen Adore me bras that are like 36 D.. in my showcase lol.

Red said...

LOL I've only got a part time job and there's not always work available so my budget is limited. Bras are something I need to save up for. 36D is like.... tiny to me. haha said...

Very honest review!!! Like to see that.. $40.00 for me is out of my budget for undergarments.. I am opposite of large chested (sounds better than saying I belong to the IBTC LOL!) but the set is cute.. but I wouldn't pay $40 for it either! I, like you, shop clearance, and beings I rarely come across the occasion for a bra or frilly underwear for that matter, my $40.00 could be better spent on getting 6 packs of Hanes Grandma panties that last for 50 years! LOL! Coming through from Cassandra's Alexa Drop Hop. I followed your blog and about to leave an Alexa review.. and grab your badge for our blog if you have one.. :-)

Y said...

@ Red- LOL aww :(

@ ArticleWriteUp: Thanks for reading and finding me!