Friday, April 16, 2010

Experiment: Lightening Eyebrows like Petrilude

Hey ladies, how is everyone today? Today is a happy Friday, and also time for me to show you something pretty cool that I saw on youtube. I was watching Petrilude's channel on youtube and I watched his 2nd most newest video on lightening your eyebrows w/o bleach! And knowing me, I immediately clicked on it becuase frankly, I'm not sure if I like the whole trimming eyebrows thing. I'm just really really bad at it. See pictures below, I have a bald spot on there. Here's the instructions:

1. Put concealer on a little spoolie. I used MAC's studio finish because it's a cream, and I think that cream concealer will be the best for this project. I personally think that liquid might make your eyebrow hairs stick together and powder... no. I personally think that you need the cream because also it'll kinda tame your hairs if you need taming. You can just get free spoolies at sephora, Kohls, whereever theres makeup that you can test out. Just grab a few and shove 'em in yo' pocket.

2. Brush the spoolie on your eyebrow and try not to go outside the eyebrow lines. If you do, just blend it out with a finger or something. You want to really work the concealer into the skin and hair so everything is coated and approximately your skin color.

3. You can leave it like that, but personally, I wanted a brown eyebrow to match my orangey/blonde/red hair. That's the whole POINT of this right? I used my current eyebrow stuff known as Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Rich Sable. Well, I didn't know that the concealer would change the color of the eyeshadow so it came out like a soft black. Fortunately, I have a lighter brown color that I'd use in school because if I wanted black brows, I'd keep my eyebrows as they are. The right is the normal powder stuff (I touched it up) and the left is the concealer/powder

What do you guys think? I personally like this method becuase my eyebrows do fade a bit by the end of the school day and I like the look. It's really clean and if you are really going crazy or something, you can take inspiration from Lillian Funny Face and fill in your brows with pink or other colors!

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