Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: Maybelline Studio Drama Gel Liner

I am on a roll ladies! Two reviews back to back? Unheard of! I know, please hold the applause. I would just like to say right now, sorry for the lack of pictures lately but I can't find my camera charger and my camera is out of batteries. Oh poop.

Anyways, the swatch for this nifty little product is two posts ago. This is Maybelline's Gel Liner in Brown. I got this via swapping on makeupalley.

According to Maybelline: Only our oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base.
So color is more intense and lines resist wear for 24 hours.
Smudge-proof and Water-proof.
The most intense line for lasting drama.

According to me:

Consistency: It's like stick butter, or spreadable butter. Go on, step away from the screen, take a knife, and stick it into butter. That's what it feels like. It is decadently smooth and creamy and I like how you just take the applicator, and stab it into the product once. That sounded weird, but it's true.

Color Pigmentation: It's alright. I don't think that it's INTENSE, unless you layer it. But since it's so creamy, you can't really layer it becuase then the product you just put on your eyeball will come off. It's decent.

Applicator: Some companies like to include useless dinky "applicators" so young girls who don't know what brushes are or who are just starting out in makeup can use them. Honestly, there are so many cheap brushes out there now, that companies should ditch the applicators and give more product. (I'm looking at you L'Oreal with the useless "brush" that came with the Cream Liner) With that being said, I expected this to be some useless gizmo to jack up the price. No way! It looks like a mini brush that you would get from a holiday set from MAC or something. Personally, I think that it's great becuase it's ultra small for thin lines, but you can also make thick lines as well. This time, the applicator is something you should keep, just in case.

Wear Powa'- I used this over a few days with a few different methods becuase I know that you ladies have different methods of eyeliner use
  • Waterline- It's useless on the waterline. The staypower here is barely 2-3 hours and it doesn't look pigmented at all on the waterline
  • Lower lash with UDPP- It's alright really. I see some fading, but not too much. This was the best in terms of wear. I don't see a 24 hr thing going here. Maybe 8-10 hours before it's gone
  • Lower lash w/o UDPP- Not too great. I find that usually when I use stuff like L'Oreal HIP cream liner, Annabelle smudgeliner, Sephora Brand flashy waterproof, and Smashbox gel liner, it does kinda smudge, but not too much. It's bearable smudging. Don't use this w/o a base if you have acid tears like me.
  • Upper lash liner- It's pretty good for monolids, with primer

Smudgability- Horrid. Really. I put some on, and right away my sleeve smudges it. It takes maybe a minute to dry and "set", but even then, it's easy to smudge. It is pretty water resistant though!

Do I reccomend this? Meh, not really. I'd actually advise you to go to a different brand. I guess it's good if you have not so watery, teary eyes or if you just want something on the cheap (actually ELF is cheaper). Price ranges from 8.49 on Amazon to 10 dollars on Ulta



Heather / Eyeconic said...

Too bad you don't like it, but I'm glad you reviewed it as I've been debating whether or not to buy one in purple! Now I won't waste the money.

Y said...

LOL no problems. I'll probably use it up (if I even get that far).

Anonymous said...

Maybe when I finish my Fluidline? Though I don't like products that take years to set, so maybe not.
Thanks for reviewing!

Y said...

Hey Marce, No problem!