Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quick tip for False Eyelashes

Yay! Happy Sunday everyone! Tommorrow is Labor Day and I have something really special planned for that day! I mean, assuming I get it done tonight, it is going to be great LOL. YEAH SO ANYWAY. Basically yesterday I went out with my girls so I decided to use some fake lashes. So has anyone seen the Michelle Phan Lady Gaga tutorial? In the tutorial, she uses 2-3 pairs of fake lashes right? How she applies them is by stacking them on her eye. An easier way to do this would be to actually glue the lash bands together beforehand so when you put them on your eye, you would only be putting on (theoretically) 1 band of lashes. You just need to use some Duo lash glue.

Also, this tip works for if you want to layer eyelashes for a different effect. I had a pair of spiky ones and a pair of really full, lush glittery ones. Basically this is the look I eventually got with the lashes:

Yay! Okay quick tip over. Happy Labor Day everyone!


Lily said...

thanks for sharing this tip! it is indeed very helpful~


Y said...

Thanks Lily!