Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturizing Olive Oil Cleanser

Yes I know, I put the ENTIRE name of the product in the title header thingie, but it's just so that people don't get confused you know? Just a quick update on my life (AS IF YOU EVEN CARE) I have been very busy with college. The workload can be a bitch and I am very involved with other stuff, so that's why I basically update like once a week hehe. But at least I am updating!~

Today we have a review of the St. Ives Olive Oil Cleanser! I didn't take my own pictures becuase it's not really necessary. Plus I'm a lazy person. I'll do my best to describe in detail.

Type of Skin I have: Combination. My skin dries out easily, but my nose can be oil city and does need to be blotted in the summertime.

What they say:
Deep cleans and leaves skin feeling moisturized. This cleanser deep cleans to gently remove dirt and make-up and helps maintain skin's moisture balance.

Vegan/Animal Testing: This is a new thing that I'm going to start to include. If i can find it, I will let you know if it is because I know that it is important to some of my readers. It is animal product free and it is not tested on animals. It says so on the label.

Ingredients: They have a popup picture on the website and here is the link

Smell/Texture: Have you guys ever played with olive oil before? Like just dripped some in your hands? No? Yes? *silence* I was a strange child. Not going to deny it. But i have and this cleanser looks like it, feels like it (without the greasy residue) but doesn't smell like it. I actually am not a fan of the smell. I would like it to smell more like Biore stuff. It has a more light artificial olive smell. I don't like it but it's pretty easy to ignore. You can't smell it unless you foam it up and like shove it up your nostril. But I'm hoping that people here don't have a habit of shoving facial products in various orifices (spell check?) of thier faces.

Foaming Capability: It foams about the same amount as a conditioner. Hair conditioner doesn't really foam a whole lot. It bubbles a bit then thats it. This is the same thing. It's not like AHHHHH FOOOAMMM IS ALL OVER MY FACE I CAN"T SEE ANYTHING. It's more of a "heh, this thing is just making small bubbles and it's turning white, but besides that I can't tell that it's on my face really"

Aftermath of Using It: My face doesn't feel dry. Before I was using St. Ives Apricot Scrub (I still love that stuff anyway becuase it exfoliates my face) but it was always like "MY FACE IS GOING TO FALL OFF BECAUSE MY SKIN IS SO DRY". Now, if the epidermis of my face could talk, it would say "sigh, I can wait for this girly to finish putting on her clothes and putting on body lotion before putting on face lotion". I do consider this to be moisturizing.

As for dealing with acne, I don't find that it just blasts through blackheads or powers through pimples. I think that it deals with it on a slower basis, which I don't really like. However, it does seem to keep new ones from popping up which is surprising for me. Usually if I don't use something a bit harsher, I get pimples everywhere. But for this, it's pretty light compared to what I'm used to and I think that I like this. I would still prefer something to power through my gross acne though.

Mechanics of the Packaging: That was a really awkward label thingie, but whatever. I hate the pump. I think that the spout is way too short. You can't just use one hand to pump it out into the same hand becuase it'll just drip down the bottle, and that wastes product. You need to tilt it into the other hand. I don't like that at all. Also, I hate how to unlock the top, you need to turn it to the side. I'm used to it locking on the side and then unlocking by turning the spout towards you. However, I like the clear bottle becuase I can see when I'm almost done with the entire thing. You need one pump per face and there's a lot.

Price: Expensive for St. Ives but average compared to other brands face washes. On, it retails for 6 dollars but can go up to 8 dollars at other places like CVS.

Recommended: Yes, I do. Get it ladies, if you have drier skin.

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