Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's Review: Kate Gel Liner

Happy Friday everyone! I just officially dyed my hair black and I'm really happy to be back to my natural color! Yay! So today, I'm FINALLY posting a review that I kept putting off LOL. It is of Kate Gel Eye Liner in GD-1. This is the gold color. SINCE my blogger is going crazy and being spastic, I've linked you to a swatch that I did when I was in TW. Click here to see swatches and stuffles!

My thoughts:

  1. The color- The color, is amazing. I love how its like gold leaf. It is so metallic and it glints amazingly in the sun. The color payoff is decent.
  2. Texture- Meh, its okay. I don't like how it feels a little like gold leaf. For example, when you dip your brush into a gel liner, it feels kinda soft, like frosting right? This reminds me more of gold leaf that has been mixed with mixing medium and pressed. when you pick it up, it's kind of hard to pick up because it's so flaky. Also, when you put it on your lash line, it has a tendency to just sit there and you have to use your brush to spread it out. If you dont take your time to really spread it out, you'll end up using way too much product and it'll be not even.
  3. Application- Even though I did slightly cover it above, I'll say it again. It doesn't really provide even coverage unless you really give it alot of effort. I hate putting it on my upper lash line because of this problem. I used it as an inner corner highlight and it took me forever to even out. UGH
  4. Price- Expensive. I bought it at Watsons, which is the makeup drugstore in Taiwan. It retailed for 390, or about 13 dollars USD. If you save up just 1.50 more, you can get a MAC fluidline. Or you could get the Physicians Formula Trio, which I love so much more.
  5. Brush- It's good. I like how it's pointy and it gives an extremely thin and precise line.
  6. Weartime- It's a really good wear time. I think that it stays on really well with or without TFSI underneath. It also holds up to humidity. I didn't try it on the waterline, because it's so flaky. I feel like it would flake into your eye.
  7. Removal- It's a real bitch. Literally. It's all the flaky glittery bits that don't go away. Lovely. I have glitter particles on my skin.
Overall- It's a skip. It's not something worth spending money on. It's a shame because I LOVE the color! I will use it up, but it's not something I'd rebuy.



~Lisa said...

Great review!
I agree about the price. Haha. I live in Canada and the price is about $20 CAN.

I'm terrible with eyeliners and I hope to try out gels soon. Maybe I will try out the Physicians Formula!

Y said...

YES! Try out the Physicians Formula ones. sometimes, you can catch them on sale for only 6 dollars! And since its a trio, it breaks down to 2dollars a gel liner!

Y said...
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