Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners

Hey ladies! I have a new review for everyone on the Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners. I actually don't have swatches for you right now, because my camera is basically out of commission (again). However, I will have swatches for you when I review the Yes to Cucumbers makeup wipes hehe. Also, I have a coupon code for Freya Skincare. Its until the end of the month of December- freyaxmas. You get 30% off your order! Here is the link:

What They Claim: Smoky black shades with an iridescent twist.
Smudge proof, Waterproof, Transfer proof.
Smooth texture for tug proof application. Paraben free.

What I Say:

Longetivity:  This thing stays on your hand like a mother! It's very difficult to rub this thing off your hand. However, I don't feel like it stays that long on your eyes. It claims to be 10 hours worth of wear, but I find that it stays for 5-6 hours max (with primer). It's like 2 hours on the waterline, so don't bother. 

Texture: It's super super creamy and very pigmented. It's quite surprising actually. I imagine that it would be difficult to sharpen period. It would be beneficial to freeze the eyeliner then sharpen it. Since it's so creamy, you probably would be able to get a fine point, and it's easy to run out quickly. 

Selection of Colors/Price: It's 5.50 at rite aid and sometimes cheaper with sales. Also, the colors are quite nice for a drugstore brand. 

Recommended: Yes, for the price, it's good. It's also good for asian eyes on the upper lids because it doesn't transfer too much.


Tammy said...

Hmm I'm always weary of pencil liners since they always smudge on me but it's great this one didn't transfer too badly for you :)

Y said...

Blehh, I know what you mean. Usually I'm like PENCIL LINER-- SHUN--- But its always nice to try new things