Thursday, December 23, 2010

Quick Sewing Update and Cecilia Cassini??

So for the past few days, I have been in a hermitage (which you can build in CIV IV for culture points and it is a national wonder. Okay I is a nerd. LOLcopter) knitting and sewing. Mainly for my sister and misc. presents for my friends. I'm just going to put up a quick picture of a "jacket" thing that my sister wanted. It used to be a dress from the 80s that my mom used to wear. Sorry, but I don't have any personal projects. I don't want to post up the pictures of the stuff I knitted because, well, its for my friends and not for me! And I have nothing else to post really... but I want to! Okay okay. 

 My sister is into the "military" style. I just had to make the arm hole smaller, make the waist a little thinner and add things to close the "jacket". 

On a side note, has anyone heard of Cecilia Cassini? I just read about her on I'll link you here. I'm not going to lie. I usually don't like to read about kid bashing. I was kind of like her when I was younger (the liking sewing clothes and making stuff, not the annoying voice, flamboyant behaviour, and strange tastes for triangle dresses and tube tops). Usually I like to support kid's interests, like my sister. When she went through the drawing phase, sewing phase, wanting to make her own dictionary phase, and now her knitting phase, I always supported and helped her. Why? Because it's good to nurture a kid's dreams to find new talent. But this is ridiculous. After I read it on regretsy, I was basically like "wtf... uhm... this is really weird...". I'm not really a fan mostly because I hate her attitude. It's okay to showcase your stuff, but it's not okay to act like you are the very best by saying that your sewing teacher sucks or something. Everyone has a lot to learn, especially her since she is only 10 or 11. But I digress. What do you guys think? 

I have to finish some other projects. Hohoho, no school work!


Venus In Virgo said...

Great project,thanks for sharing :)
Happy Holidays XOXO

Y said...

Thanks! Happy holidays to you too!

The Beautifier said...

WOW! this looks very posh! Love it! xoxo

Y said...

Thanks so much! My sister is basically in love with the jacket