Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RANT: I have no friends.

*Warning, this is just a little rant I have to get off my chest*

Actually that's just bull. I have friends, but not friends that I kinda want. Don't get me wrong. I love my friends. I have a lot of them. Their interests vary from walking outside, to rowing, to anime, to reading. However, they don't contain makeup, and clothes. I mean, I have a friend who doesn't care about her stuff. She's like "... clothes are clothes... I don't get it".

-___________________- What is there to get? Looking back now, I never really had friends who liked makeup or clothes. In high school, literally it was just me who wore makeup. My friends who did, well... barely cared beyond the minimum. They didn't stalk makeup blogs or attempt to make their own clothes. If you saw pictures, it would be like me with crazy eye makeup and them looking glowy in their fresh, natural faces. 

And well, it's never bothered me until now. Today, actually, I was feeling really bored and restless and I lashed out at the bf. He asked me about some vest I dug out of my moms closet and I wanted to make shorter. I just... wanted to hit him. I knew that he only cared because I care. He couldn't care less about makeup or whatever. (Today, Masterchef was not on btw). I didn't want him to freaking ask because he wanted to flatter me or whatever. I wanted to talk to someone, anyone really, about my fucking vest. Like is it that wrong to want to have a friend to talk to when I want to talk about vests and skirts and making outfits and the latest makeup seen in Glamour magazine? 

I wish I had a friend to talk to about makeup and fashion. I mean, after a while, just flipping through magazines and blogs get boring. No offense ladies. I need human interaction, period. 

So yeah. I feel better now. I just need a friend and it makes me really moody. This isn't a call for people to start commenting more or like have meetups lol. It's just a general rant about it and well, I hope I find someone in my college who actually shares my interest.


Porcelaine said...

Don't worry, I feel the same. None of my friends are into makeup and fashion and although I might mention it from time to time especially with my shop ventures I don't think they enjoy listening as I do telling them. I'm also interested in gothic clothes and listen to metal and make no mistake, none of my friends are into that (so is most of the world =P). I've learnt to just accept it, try to enjoy it myself and appreciate who they are. Perhaps one day I'll find a friend who is more alike!

I still feel your frustration and I know this doesn't really solve anything. I hope you do find a friend that will enjoy what you enjoy and that you keep doing what you love =)!

Y said...

Thanks for your support Porcelaine! I mean, I still love my friends, but it can get really frustrating :)

LisaWeidknecht said...

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Brandi said...

There are many times I have cried woefully to my husband that I have no friends. Sometimes I still feel a little lonely that I have no 'best' female friend. But take time to evaluate and see where you can grow relationships.. Good luck :)

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I love your blog design -- it's really pretty. I think with friends that you get different kinds of support from different people. One friend will be the good-time gal, one will be a great listener, another will be a good shopping companion etc. You just gotta match the right friend to the right activity and mood.

Have a great weekend. : )


Mom Daughter Style said...

Ranting is good every once in awhile.

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Tracy said...

aw doll, you've definitely got the wrong kind of friends, you know why I say that? You may not always share every interest your friend has, but when you love your friend, you love to listen and learn more about what they are into and why!


Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Mischievous Mack said...

I get completely how you feel! At least that's what blogs are good for! Meeting like minded folk! Because in real life you end up friends with people more because of work, or distance, than because of interests.....
I want a make up buddy :(

BLIX said...

You make me wish we lived near each other because we have LOTS in common. We should do a skype dinner date if you have a webcam! Ha! You could show me the vest you're talking about. :-D