Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brand Introductions: Mineral Mate and Yu-Be

Hey everyone! I finally came home from college. I actually have 2 companies to introduce so let's get started. 

1. Mineral Mate

First off, I have a code for ALL my readers! This is until 5/30/12. Then for the month of June, I have a different code for everyone! This is for 25% off. 

So, Mineral Mate is a new mineral makeup *storage* company. They sell a bunch of palettes to mix mineral makeup in and also some 30 gram containers to hold powder and other misc. makeup items. I received two of them. One in black (Double Platinum) and one in red (Red at Play). Here are some pics: 

They're lightweight and they cost 20 dollars each. If you're a HUGE mineral makeup fan, then you'll love this! Since I got a bunch, I will be giving away two of them tomorrow! Stay tuned for the official giveaway post. 

2. Yu-Be

I recently got a bunch of stuff from Yu-Be to try out. It's a Japanese skin care company. The first product I got was the moisturizing Skin Cream. It costs 16.00$ for 1.25 oz. The cream itself is yellow, but it's because of the vitamin B or something. It smells kinda minty and camphor-ey. Personally, I like it because it's good for the bottom of my feet. They aren't so gross anymore! 

I also got the Yu-Be lip therapy. It retails for 5.00$ for a chapstick sized tube. Again, it's yellowish and smells like herbs. I don't like this as much. This is a little over-priced for a chapstick and it's not like it works any better. 

I got a ton of samples to give away and this will be included in my give away tomorrow. Again, stay tuned for the give away! 

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