Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DIY: Alice and Olivia Leather Skirt

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Alice and Olivia skirts usually cost 100+ dollars, but I made this for about 15 (pleather, needles, thread). What a steal!

Alice + Olivia Box Pleat Leather Skirt - Photo<-- Alice and Olivia


1. Buy your crap. It costs 14 dollars a yard or so for pleather at Mood Fabrics. I bought about 3/4 a yard of chocolate brown. It looks black in pictures. 3/4 a yard is really generous (I'm a US size 0 or 2 ish, 6 at H&M, children size 14 in jeans at Old Navy if it helps). Then I got the leather needles and matching thread. For the presser foot, I went the super ghetto way and put some tape on the underside of the foot. The zipper I got from an old pair of high waisted pants. 

2.  Cut out your crap. Cut out a 2 rectangles for the skirt and one for the waistband. It's better to have one really long rectangle but sometimes you can't cut out 1 really long rectangle. It needs to be like.. your waist*1.5 by length of skirt. The waistband is like.. 4 inches by your waist size+ 2 inches. 

3. Sew that shit together. First sew the 2 rectangles into 1 long rectangle. Then start pleating it. Make a seam that holds the pleats together. 

I swear, it's not spandex shiny leather. It's the lighting. 

4. I heard that you need a waistband. Sew the waistband onto the skirt. Don't fold the waistband down yet. I mean if you want, go ahead. It was just difficult for me lol. 

5. Add dem zippers and stuff. Add a zipper and sew it up. Then finish up the waistband. Add a eye and hook. 
6. Hemming the skirt. I just chopped it off. Leather doesn't fray. 

Finished Product: 


Candy The Skeptical Sweeper said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful skirt!! Wow you made that!! I wish I had the talent!!

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Awesome post!!

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Nicole Barry said...

Love that skirt! Thanks for stopping by :) Following you on GFC!

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