Monday, June 4, 2012

My new favorite supplier of zippers!

I'm possibly always on the hunt for zippers. They're friggin expensive in stores such as Joanns or AC Moore! I normally don't shop on Etsy due to all the resellers, but I love shopping there for supplies. It's a REALLY great way to get sewing supplies on the cheap: aka wholesale prices without having to buy like 100 zippers in bulk. I mean, who the hell uses that many zippers in a day?

Zippers - Wholesale Brass zippers - 10 bright pink 9 inch brass zippers
My favorite!! I love pink!

My new favorite person is : Irina from KandCSuppliers! She takes custom orders which is really great for people like me who are on a really tight budget. The shipping is also quite reasonable. She has a huge selection of zippers, from separating to brass, to nylon and they come in all sizes. She even sells handbag zippers which is really great! 

Visit her blog here!

*I was not paid for this at all. I just wanted to share a new find on etsy*
New DIY's coming up soon loves

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Irina said...

Thank you so much for the post, Eve :) I appreciate it!