Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY: Adam Lippes Inspired Maxi.

If there is only 1 thing that is super cliched, I think that it would be the maxi + the tight belt. I'm so tired of seeing all these super flowy maxis with the tight bodice or with the cinched belt: especially the strapless maxi+straight cut on the bodice+belt. I'm so sick of seeing that style. So, I was really happy to see a really long column maxi by Adam Lippes and it's actually really easy to make. 

Adam Lippes

My interpretation

Step 1: Cut out a long denim strip that fits right above your boob. It should wrap just around the top of your boob. 

 Step 2: Pin fabric to the strip, pleating it slightly as you go. I used about 1.5 yards of silk. Sew that shit down. 

Step 3: Then, fold the denim strip over once, and use a herring bone stitch to stich it down. 

Step 4: Pop in a zipper. Use this tutorial to make an non invisible zipper look like an invisible one:

Step 5: Since most people look like shower curtains when they wear maxis without some sort of waist, then we're going to add a pseudo waist. What you basically want to do is pin together folds of fabric and regular intervals. This will create a fake waist without being too tight. It will still be super loose and flowy. Sorry for the shitty picture. 

Step 6: Add a pseudo belt. My belt is super thin, only goes half way around the dress, and is used to hide seams. If you have some puffy areas, just sew that down. 


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