Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review + Giveaway: UTATZ Airbrush Tattoos

I recently got a sample pack of this airbrush tattoo by UTATZ. Normally, I don't spring for airbrush tattoos because.. I'm not a tattoo kinda person. However, I like reviewing stuff for companies and hosting giveaways, so I decided to give this a shot. 

Image courtesy of Utatz

This is actually pretty great. The instructions are simple: wipe area clean with rubbing alcohol, paste on the stencil, spray and then remove the stencil. I got a really rich, black, non drippy tattoo that I would have taken pictures of, if I didn't put it on my thigh. It's kinda hard to tattoo yourself you know. 

The spray feels cold, but dries really quickly. The stencil sticks to your skin, but doesn't rip any hair out. Honestly, if you're going to tattoo yourself, just give the area a quick shave. It's not going to look nice on a hairy arm or leg.  I think it's like some powder because it "cracks" a bit when you move. It doesn't come off too easily in the shower (provided that you don't incessantly rub it), stays on for 3+ days. Anyway, I used this one:

Star Swirl
Courtesy of
Each individual stencil is around 2 dollars and the spray itself is 15 dollars. Currently, there's only black but I was told that in the next couple months, they will be releasing new colors (gold, glitter, silver, white, pink, brown etc). That sounds exciting! I would actually like a gold one, but that's because I'm obsessed with gold. 

Recommended: Yes. Pick one up for that person in your life who loves tattoos, someone who is scared, but wants to try it out and that special child in your life who just.. like tattoos. What kid doesn't like tattoo? Hell, I used to draw on myself with marker. 

ANYWAY, I will be giving one lucky reader a chance to try out a value pack! This is a special blogger pack and it is valued at 20 dollars. Just enter in below! This ends on 7/21/2012. 

And POOP I didn't realize that the stencils were multiuse. I threw mine out after 1 use. Just replace the backing and go again. 

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