Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Firmoo Glasses: A Review

Recently, I got a new pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo. 

What a ugly lens case. I like the world thing but the logo is in a terrible color

Shitty construction. It doesn't close well. 

Nice shape. But what the fuck the lenses aren't very opaque

I like gold. 

Contrast altered so I look like I'm part of the MIB. Bad ass MOFO.

Overall, I'm okay with the service. I think their customer support is all in China because I got these half-assed, weird grammar customer support emails. Also, it's shipped from China. They also told me that "my order is very complicated and it would take 3 extra days". Why not say "it'll take 6 days"? That makes so much more sense. 

Right now, they're a bit strong for me. I recently went to the optomologist and after an eye exam, he said he could give me a prescription for a pair of glasses that were a bit stronger. I didn't want it. Then a week later, I went in for the prescription for these glasses. I didn't realize that it was going to be stronger. Damn! I'm going into the office tomorrow to get them checked out. I'll probs try them out tomorrow when driving or something. 

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