Monday, July 2, 2012

A late haul

I'm poor. And yet I still buy stuff. My life is a mess. 

I bought Rebel Lipstick from the MAC store in Soho, Guilietta by Tocca rollerball from Sephora near Macys (with 2 samples) and also Helping Hands (or whatever its called) from Lush with the  body butter tin. I friggin hate the tins. They're so hard to open. I keep chipping my manicure. 

Sashimi Lunch from Wasabi, in Orange, CT. We went to Cape Cod for the weekend. Delish


cushy said...

The helping hand is cute and meaningful. I'm in a mess too :) you're not alone

Eve said...

LOL thanks sweetie :)

Samantha ★ said...

I use to buy so many rollerball and I'm sure you know it's super expensive. But then I heard about Travalos and it's the best thing I've ever purchased!

Samantha (Nail Art Couture)
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The Beautifier said...

Love the lippy colour! I must check it put :)

Cassie {} said...

I'm right there with you and I have a big time weakness for makeup and nail polish! :) I found you via the Follow me Wednesday and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love a follow back at! :)

Hannah said...

Love that lipstick color!