Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Listia Wins!

I recently heard about this new thing called "Listia". At first, I was pretty skeptical. However, it's basically like a "free ebay" or "freebay". You auction with "credits". I mean you can get credits for free (i.e auction your stuff and do free promotional stuff and randomly) or you can buy credits. It's up to you. 

Personally, I think that it's okay. The items range from really shitty to high end. I think that if more people were to join, then you could find cheaper, nice items. 

Some complaints I have is that the support team is useless. They just quote their policies. It's retarded. Besides that, it's buyers beware. I've seen some "I HATE LISTIA. I KEEP GETTING OUTBID" or "SELLERS WERE FAKES". Well... yeah. It's like ebay. They have proxy bidding and scammers out there. It's called the internet. 

I recently won a Victoria's Secret Tote thing for 2300 credits or so. I think its like 1500 credits for about 5 dollars or so. If you base it on that, then you can get this bag for like 10 dollars. Considering how VS charges 35+ per bag (ridiculous), it's a good deal. I'll let you guys know when I receive the bag. For now, here's a pic:


mimika said...

The bag does look very nice! I am interested to see how it looks when it arrives. Please do a post :)

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jezzhae said...

i love the bag so cute!!

Eve said...


Nida Moughal said...

Oh the bag is really pretty!