Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY: Belstaff PF 2013 Dress

I recently saw this dress on It's from the Belstaff Pre-Fall 2013 collection. It's insanely classy and I LOVE it so much. 
I made it a touch simpler (less lines) for the sake of sanity, and removed the sleeves. I didn't like the sleeves once I pinned them on. If I were to do this DIY again, I would have made the front panel thinner for a more slimming effect. It's pretty obvious that I didn't cut the pattern exactly how I wanted it, but it's a pretty good effort so overall, I'm ok with it. 

This type of dress is pretty easy to do. You want to get a simple sheath dress pattern, then cut it up. It's the easiest way to do colorblocking and I find it to give you clean lines. 

It's a bit crooked, but I think that it's something only I can see =.=;; I'm kind of a perfectionist. 

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