Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makeup Woes

I just wanted to take the time to talk at this very late hour of 10:12 PM EST about something we all experience and know about: Not enough money for everything, choosing between makeup and other non-essentials to life, and well, how much is too much?

To the first problem: Yes, before I get comments like "get a job" blahblahblah, I've applied to like 20 jobs over the summer and didn't get one. Oh well, life. And even if you do have a job, you still have obligations like food, shelter, water, NECESSARY clothing (i mean like underwear and stuff so that you don't look homeless). It's not like you can take every cent of your paycheck and just blow it on stuff. And theres ALWAYS stuff to buy. I mean, Always.

For example, you make a list for that TFSI, and the black leather jacket, some brushes. And before you know it, it's multiplied from 5 to 10 to 100 items! What?! Yes, it happens. I know. Don't you girls feel it sometimes? You keep thinking and you're like "oh hey, that would look GREAT with the dress I have, but I need some new necklaces, just in case". Just in case what? You actually will use it?

I swear, I have to like seriously berate myself and control! I've personally been on this HUGE mascara kick and well, it doesn't help that CVS is offering so many coupons and stuff. I like, need to buy something now. And well, I also want: curling iron, flat iron, clothing... how do I choose?

How do you ladies choose? I think that I'm going to do only swapping for now and save. I mean, I do this really competative rewards system with my dad(it's heavily rigged in his favor. and I really commit my ass to school) but still, I should save. A penny saved is another penny towards a MAC eyeshadow.

Swapping for me is just a good way to get more for less. Assuming that you have some stuff that you got from gifts and you swap it, you only really pay for shipping! maybe you can take some of the extras and swap those away for even more stuff! omg! It's the multiplier effect! WEll, not really but you catch the drift.

How much is too much? NEVER. It's never enough, really. When you think that you have enough, you like have reviewed this 10000 times in your head, trust me. It's really not. I find it better to admit to myself that yes, I am a flawed person and I will always need more. Let's just take it slow and enjoy what I have for as long as I can, before moving onto the next big craze.

Overall, I just wanted to get this off my chest, because well, this onslaught of coupons has just been driving me shopping crazy! I want this! I want that! But, I feel like blogging really just took this off my chest, and it's a great outlet for my "moments". You know, those moments when you feel like just RAMPAGING into a store and just running out with everything that you WANT. or NEED to HAVE NOW.

what do you ladies feel, think, about this? Does this feeling just RUSH over you like a wave? I don't (or hope) that it's not just me.


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