Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tutorial: A Lovely Lace Covered Bag

My Bestie's birthday is coming up soon, so I decided to make her something. After hemming and hawing about what to make, I came up with a small purse! For all you sewing-challenged people, this requires bascially minimal sewing. I used mostly hot glue for the whole project
What you need:
  • Hot glue gun with a lot of glue pieces
  • Cardboard (thick and thinner pieces if you want to make this sturdy. If you want this more as a wall or desk decoration, like what I wanted to do, then just thin cardboard will be okay.)
  • Lace, or old lace tights
  • Fabric, 2 kinds. One for lining the inside and one for the outside.
  • Needle and thread (Just to make the lining on the inside)
  • A ribbon
  • Button that is not flat. It should have a loop thing.


  • First, cut out your pieces. You need a large back, a half front (so you can look in the bag. If you want 2 large backs and fronts its okay too), 2 sides, 1 bottom and 1 lid. The reason why I'm detaching the back from the lid is so that you can open the bag easier.
  • Now, cover each piece with a piece of fabric. Hot glue the edges of the fabric to the back of the cardboard piece. Notice that I have taped the lid and the back together. There should be a small gap between the lid and the back.

  • Now, take the lace and cover the lid/back piece. If you want to cover more, okay.

  • Nice! We need to make the lining now. How you do this is that you take some stuffing/ old soft fabric, and cut it to that it fits the cardboard piece. Then, you cover it with your inside lining. This you have to sew together. If you want to hot glue them, go ahead! Then I went an extra step and made a quilt pattern on it by sewing it on after I sewed the lining together. Note, you should not make a lining for the lid. That will be made by just gluing a piece of fabric on the top.

  • Then to make the handles, I braided 3 pieces of fabric together and glued them to the sides, before the lining. Then I glued all the lining onto everything.
  • This part will take some time and effort. Once you have all the pieces, just start glueing them together. I recommend glueing them together on the outside as well on the inside, meaning put glue on the outside and inside of the project. Fill in any holes with hotglue. This is what it should look like so far.
  • Now, take your piece of ribbon and glue a button on it. It should not be a flat button. After, glue it onto the entire back/lid of the purse. Do not glue the very bottom edge of the ribbon. We're still inserting something there.

  • See that little gap at the very bottom? Shove a long piece of ribbon on the bottom and glue shut. To close this, wrap it all the way around the bag and then wrap the remaning ribbon around the ribbon. It's like closing a manila envelope.

Tell me what you thinkg! Toodles<3


~tHiAmErE~ said...

you're very creative!

you make it look so easy

Askmewhats said...

thanks for this i'm never creative when it comes to seeing how you do it looks so easy :)

Y said...

@ Thiamere- Thanks so much!

@Askmewhats- Thanks as well! I've been practicing a lot. I think that you're super creative with your nails!

Toothfairy said...

very very creative! and smart too! nice way to make something cooler and more special!


Y said...

Thanks so much!