Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tutorials galore! You know, I'm kinda sick of doing these titles as they all start to sound the same after a while.

Oh hot damn! I'm on this HUGE tutorial crafting kick. Well, this is more of a half tutorial since I forgot to take pictures and well, I'm using the rest of the material to do some other stuff. Sorry, but there is no way I will post this much later this week considering I'm back in school this week. But, do expect a new swap haul and maybe a new COFD (craft of the day XP) over the weekend? Maybe maybemaybe. okayokay. First up, I made a small cosmetic case for myself. It's by using .25 of a square scarf, light purple cloth lining, button and string that wraps around it as the clasp. It holds actually a ton of stuff including that new magnetic palette, brushes etcetcetc.
I should get around to making something that can hold just a day's worth of brushes. not a brush roll, I already made that for myself.

Next, a vintagey hair clip. I actually made this for my sister. It's super easy and quick for a present and it kinda reminds me of queens in England in like.... 1700s or something LOL
1. Using a lace-y cloth, cut out a piece that is approximately the length and width of the clip. You can fold it to the correct width if you'd like. Flat clips are better. Or flattish ones.

2. Now, just glue on your decorations! Super simple right? I used jewels that I ripped off an old shoe and some beads that I got off an broken bracelet. Always salvage what you can! You really never know when it would come in handy. Or, just go to the craft store. haha



Askmewhats said...

you made the makeup pouch yourself? that is one talent girl!

Y said...

Thanks so much!