Monday, March 7, 2011

The Orange Lips Trend isn't for everyone.

So today, I hopped into my mommy's car and went to CVS to get a new lipstick. Why? Well, because I happened to have a 5 dollar ECB with me! YAY! I was browsing and I noticed that CVS had a sale on Revlon lipsticks. So normally, Revlon Moondrop lipsticks are 10.49. I know. What the fuck CVS. Thats unacceptable. At 10.49, I expect to buy a drugstore foundation.You know, at Target, Revlon lipsticks are like 5 dollars. Seriously. A 5 dollar gap? Thats ridiculous. So, as I was saying, CVS was having a sale for 7.49 (which is still minor bullshit). But! I had 5 ECB so the total price became 2.66 after taxes! PLUS i got 4 more ECB so i'm getting a pair of heel grips for my black heels. 

I'll do a review on Revlon Moon Drop lipsticks after I get home from Spring break! 

Why do my lips look humongous? Its ridiculous. I like, cannot photograph my lips. Ugh. 

Old phone fails!
Cool guys! Are Orange lips for you? They sure as hell are for me! I love them. I'm not sure if this is a dupe for MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 40. I'm looking at swatches and it does seem to be but its too early to tell.


Miss LV said...

If I am being honest orange lipstick isnt for me, a bit to daring for me lol. Looks great on you though x x x

Y said...

LOL well its not for everyone! Thanks for your compliment!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Ugghh damn you americans, Revlon lippies are only $5?? They're about £8 ($13ish) over here! AND we don't even have those moon drop ones and they look lovely! Anyway that orange looks gorgeous on you, I love orange lips :)

Y said...

LOL lilliann! You know that you can always ask me to pick up some for you!

G A B Y said...

I absolutely hate orange lips on me too LOL!

Lauren said...

I can't pull off the trend either, I just feel like people are looking at me funny... but on some people it looks almost natural!

Yours look great!
Lauren from ChickAdvisor

Cris said...

Is the tube green? Looks good :D.

The lipstick too. Makes me want to wear orange lips again ;).

Red said...

As a natural redhead I have to say... orange lippies do NOT work for me at all. Many peach tones are even too orange on me. It does look fab on you though!

As to photographing your lips, I think maybe you are just too close to your camera and it is creating a "fish eye" effect. Try take the pics a little further away and then crop the pictures to only show your lips. =)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

yeah, the orange lippie is indeed for you!
lookin' good.....<3

ps. i'm still discovering the pink lippie for now..haha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Y said...

@GABY- LOL orange is a love/hate color. Not going to lie!

@Lauren- Aww thanks! I like it when people look at me LOL.

@Cris- Yes the tube is green!

@Red- Hmmmmm you are correct! Thanks for the tip!

@Gizelle- Mmm thanks!