Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Miss Professional Nail Polishes

Hey ladies! So a while back, I was sent these polishes for free to review. Honestly, not much I can say because I'm not a nail polish person. I got it in a silver, neon yellow and a purple. The website is such: www.misspn.com. I'm not sure why this is the website. The email I was sent says that there are 400 colors to choose from, but I've only seen them on Amazon.com and such... 


Pigmentation: They're alright. The yellow looks like a highlighter. The purple goes on a little streaky. The silver is the best on. They need like 3-4 coats to be decently even. I feel like they're watery, yet the pigment kinda collects funny on your nails. It's important to put on more coats. 

Wear Time: Still meh. I don't do much with my nails, so they aren't too chipped. My sister tried them and without a top coat, they're really prone to chipping. Even without me doing much, they're still chipping from the top and bottom. Drying time is good though. They aren't marked by my hair when I wake up. 

Price: It seems to be around 2.50 at Amazon.com. The price is cheap, but look out for shipping prices. It's not the most accessible brand. 

Recommended: Not really. I don't understand their site at all. It looks like a wholesaler site. Also, the colors I were sent weren't my favorite and I wasn't really impressed. They could be easily duped by drugstore colors that are more accessible and could be cheaper when factoring in the shipping costs. 

Thanks ladies! I will have another review up soon and a mini-haulie :)


Lillian Funny Face said...

The neon yellow looks like a great colour!

Cris said...

The yellow does look exactly like a highlighter XD.

Y said...

@Lillian- Its okay actually. It would be amazing if it were actually more opaque