Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Freya Arctic Cleansing Water and can someone do a review for me?

Hey ladies! I'm going to do a quick review on this! 

What they say:
  • Rejuvenate your skin, leaving it youthfully clean and refreshed.
  • Our proprietary blend of Arctic Antioxidants, sea salts and minerals protect and re-energize the skin while providing calming moisture.
Using a cotton ball or cosmetic pad, gently massage Freya Arctic Cleansing Water on to the entire face and neck, removing dirt, oil and makeup. No rinse necessary. 

So I guess it's a makeup remover and  I will be treating it as such.

Let's go through the basics:

Smell/Texture: It smells strange, like chemically. My skin feels a little sticky after I use it, which is not appreciated.
Packaging: The packaging looks and feels luxe. The bottle isn't plasticky. It actually almost has the feel of velvet. The top is a screw thing that opens and liquid comes out. NO its not like a bottle cap.
Effectiveness:Lets use some pictures.

Waterproof Mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeshadow with TFSI and cream base, cream base, concealer

One swipe through

Major rubbing

So it's not that effective. It takes a lot of rubbing and my arm is a little red after.

Price: 45 dollars for 200 mL. Ouch. This brand is really really expensive. I don't mind this really. I mean if you have light makeup it works well. The price isn't justifiable.

Recommended: If you have cash to burn, yeah, sure. If not, no.

Quick note homies! I also got the Intensive Anti-Aging System. It retails at 130 dollars! If you want it, it's yours! Just send me an email! If you can do a review for me, it would be appreciated as well!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i only use cleansing water in removing face products (after i have removed it with a little oil-based remover-so basically my 2nd cleansing). as for eye make-up i find that it's a lot more pigmented & it's hard to remove using water so i still use oil-based remover.

i think cleansing water is more like a toner. i mean i have 2 of them both from etude house & i feel like removing make-up takes a long time!

too bad about it feeling sticky & smelling weird..hate products that are both sticky & smells weird

Y said...

:( Well I mean you are probably right... It's annoying that they say that they can remove makeup when really, it cant very well.