Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Review: Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara

Sorry for not posting, but I've been busy! I just got accepted as an author on The Nail Polish Addict
and also I've been asked to write a blog post for Opal Steven's Blog!

That's so exciting! A shoutout to you lovely ladies! So, since I've been kinda busy, I asked my sister to write a blog post for me. Here she is. You may address her as Y's sister. 

For those of you who will not bother to read the rest of this review: it sucks.

And now for the details...

What they say:
adjustable dial allows you to take your lashes from full to fuller to fullest, providing the customized look you want in just one coat of mascara. Molded brush separates and defines every lash while quick building volumizing formula applies evenly and easily. Clump free.

What I say:
what a load of bull. I have never been more disappointed with a mascara. I'm not joking. I bought the mascara for 2 dollars (it was 75% off, originally 8 buckaroos) at CVS, thinking it'd be a good buy and an quick-y mascara for the last month of school. It is surprising how much of a let-down it was. For a higher-end drugstore brand, you'd expect a flake-free, non-smudging mascara that at least lengthened your lashes. Uhhhh yeah......

For an asian, my lashes are not incredibly short nor sparse but they are very (and I mean very) straight. This requires mascara that can hold the curl of an eyelash curler. THIS DID NOT EVEN HOLD THE CURL LONG ENOUGH FOR ME TO FINISH PUTTING ON THE FIRST COAT OF MASCARA. NO JOKE. If you need an illustration, my face went from this :o (you gotta keep the mouth open when you're applying mascara. Doesn't it keep your eyes wider?) to this -___- (my whaddafu* face when I realize how stupid this mascara is) to this >:( (angry. Very angry. Now I have to go to school-type angry.)

Now I don't know what the other colors looked like, but at least it's promise of “blackest black” was black. That is about as good as the pros get. I don't understand what the dial on the mascara was for. Apparently if you turn the dial to a higher number you get a more dramatic look yada-yada. It did nothing at all; when I actually compared them, the one with the “3” dial appeared to do less than the “1”. Again -_____-' . It was clump-free, but then again it didn't apply very much mascara... 

Dial 1

Dial 3

Naked lashes

Wearability: NO-NO. I wore it for about a week until I was able to purchase the L'oreal Voluminous mascara that was also on sale (hehe, waitin' on the bargains) and every day I had to pat a bit of powder/makeup remover under my eyes waiting for the time (around 1 pm every day) when it started to flake and run and leave black smudges under my eyes. Occasionally I'd see a few black dots which I later learned was the flaking of the mascara. The theory I follow: WHY PUT IT ON IF IT'S GONNA COME OFF BY ITSELF

Recommended: need I say more?


Yay! Thanks love :) 


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