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Review: Assorted SPAresources items *Pic heavy*

So just a few days ago, I was sent some products from SPAresources for consideration. They are a Canadian brand and they can be found here.
They do not test on animals.

Lets begin the review!
Website: The website is really simple to navigate. You can purchase products both online and at Canadian Wal-Marts. Also, for a limited time, you can get a free sample! Canadian residents only =( 

I was sent powder brush, On-The-Go Eye essentials set, Vanilla Grapefruit body butter, Melon hand cream and various assorted samples. Let's start with my favorite, Vanilla Grapefruit body butter. 

So as you can see, I've used quite a bit of the body butter. I was sent the travel sized one. It is 50 mL. They have a larger one at 200 mL. 

What they say:
Made with shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, macadamia oil and jojoba oil.

Ultra-rich, intensive all-over body (super yummy smelling) moisturizer.  Enriched with mega-moisturizing shea butter and soothing cocoa butter extracts to deliver a powerful, deep conditioning treatment.

Smell: I love the smell because its grapefruit and vanilla. To me, it smells natural and not too overpowering. 
Consistency: It's a little bit more liquidy than The Body Shop body butters. However, it is still moistuizing. I would like it a little bit more if it were a little thicker. However, it is thicker than a regular body lotion, which is really nice. My skin feels much softer after using this product. 

Packaging/Price: It's a screw cap, which can obviously turn some people off if they are worried about hygiene. It is super cheap too! Which is really really nice. It is only 2 dollars for the small version and 6 for the larger one! Such a good price too! And it is free shipping to US and Canada for orders over 30 dollars. Regularly, its 7 CAD for canadian citizens (flat shipping rate) and it is quoted if you are an international buyer. They accept paypal. 

Recommended: Yes! I love this body butter. At 2 dollars, you can buy and try all the scents for a very cheap price =) I'm going to have to stock up on these babies. 
Next up is the Melon Hand Cream! It weighs in at 1.7 oz, or 50 mL. 

What they say:
Full of great ingredients and penetrates quickly to moisturize, protect and nourish the skin.  Apply often & daily to hands and massage into cuticles, especially after cleansing. 

This hand cream is truly a awesome product!  DOES NOT LEAVE HANDS GREASY!  Super important to note when buying a hand cream

Smell: I don't like their melon scent. It's too much like melon for me. I'd rather have a more subtle melon smell combined with other smells. 

Consistency: This lotion is freaking thick. It's actually thicker than the body butter. I actually prefer a more thinner hand cream. Also, they are right when they say that it doesn't leave greasy hands. However, it feels a little sticky after you rub it in. Granted, the stickiness goes away after 5 minutes, but it's a little bit strange. No, you aren't going to stick to papers or walls, but the sensation is a little bit strange. My hands are no longer dry and I don't have raggedly cuticles.. so at least it works!

Price/Packaging: Nothing really interesting about the packaging. Price is fantastic. Clocking in at a mere 2 dollars and 6 dollars for the larger 200 mL size. Try them all, even the melon if melons are your thing. 

Recommended: Uhmm I'm on the fence on this one. It's a good cheaper alternative for like Tocca hand cream. I would have to try it out in a different smell first. 

I also got a bunch of brushes. I will be reviewing them as a set. 

Powder Brush-13 dollars: SO SOFT. OMFG all of these brushes. I like this as a powder brush. It can also sub in as a blush brush. It is very full, but gives you a more light coverage because it is so soft.  It is about the size of 2.5 E.L.F mineral lipsticks. 

Eye set- 15 dollars: With 5 brushes. All of these are the really really soft! The smudge brush is a dupe for the NARS pony smudge brush. It is a little bit longer (bristle wise). I use it like a eyeshadow brush. The angled eyeshadow brush and the black one are really really large for my small asian eyes. UGH poopy. They would be great for blending but no way can I use them as a regular eyeshadow brush. The cream eyeshadow brush is a dupe for the Essence of beauty concealer brush. Brow/lash groomer, nothing to say really. 

All of the brushes are super soft. However, they aren't the best for asian eyes. They are a little bit too large really. If the brushes were smaller, it would be better.  

Recommended: Yes. These are good for beginners. 

Overall, I like this company. I like the products, the prices and well, the quality is good. Did you guys see that I haven't touched the samples? Well, it's because I want to gift them to you readers! One lucky lady will be able to get all of these samples! All you have to do is to be a subscriber and comment below! I will choose a winner next saturday! Here is the prize:

Just comment below! yay! Be sure to enter my 5th giveaway (link in the sidebar) !


~Lisa said...

Great reviews! I'm from Canada and I see this brand at Walmart all the time!! I haven't tried it though...and I haven't seen the brushes either

intel said...

I love the SPAresource brushes! I own five: the blush brush, the powder brush, the concealer brush, the lip brush (which I use for concealer, too.), and the foundation brush. All were an incredibly good deal, and are found only at Walmart, I think. The powder brush is amazing, it is so soft and big and rivals face brushes that are five times the price (I bought it for about $7 or $8). The blush brush is my least favourite of the five, but it is still soft and applies blushes, bronzers, and highlighters all over the face very well. It was about $5. The foundation brush was $3, and is VERY soft, and applies cream and liquid foundations as well as brushes that are many times more expensive. The concealer brush looks like a small synthetic eyeshadow brush, but it works well to apply and blend concealers. The lip brush is perfect to precisely apply and blend concealer on very small areas, such as pimples. Both brushes were around $2.
All the SPAresource brushes I purchased were of wonderful quality and value. I definitely recommend them!

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